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A beautiful home with beautiful floors and ambience is the dream of every rational man! Of the many floor choices the hardwood floors had been always fascinating since the dawn of civilization and you find references of large palaces and forts of kings decorated with hardwood flooring. Today new trends and styles have emerged and the hardwood flooring has found new definition and meaning. You don’t have to be a king to get hardwood floor installed. And with Excellent Hardwood Flooring around the task becomes easier!

Today there are demands for classic looking as well as contemporary looking hardwood floors. And over the years there have been more advanced designs and furnishings to the floors that make them look elegant and also last longer and longer. We are very much fortunate to have team of talented interior designers along with engineers of hardwood flooring who can costume your home floor the most splendid way.

Excellent Hardwood Flooring takes the pride of being a knowledgeable and adventurous hardwood flooring company that has been providing extensive hardwood flooring services in Chicago and adjoining areas. Just browse through our gallery of modern and classic styled hardwood floors. You will love the range of stains that would go well with the interior decoration of your home. Besides new installation


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of hardwood floors, we also provide services of refinish, repair, dust free sanding and others related to hardwood flooring.

We would offer our best service to any task that you assign to us. Your preference regarding looks, stains, color and maintenance is deeply respected by our professionals and hardwood flooring engineers.